If you haven’t checked out the new ACO website yet, please do.

We’ve made lots of changes and we’re still working on it.

Biggest among the changes is that we moved Circle to the public part of the site. Now if you’ve written articles or if you WANT to write articles, they’ll be available to the public.

We’ve now got the ability to search the whole site for whatever you’re looking for. The site is built using several installations of WordPress. The ACO home site is one, Circle is another and the Members Only site is a third. They all link but they are separate. This means that if you use the search box in Circle, it won’t search the members site or the home site. Sorry about that inconvenience.

In addition, all of the announcements that are just for ACO members will be posted on the site at www.adhdcoaches.org/members This part of the site is also a blog so the information will be posted in order with the most recent announcement at the top. Again, use the search feature to find the information you’re looking for about the Expert Speaker Series or Tool Kit (both of which we’re still working to populate with other info)

We’re also asking for your help in finding all the things that still  need fixing. So if you find something that doesn’t link right, or seems to be missing, or if you find an article that seems to be really specifically just for ACO members, please send a note to editor@www.adhdcoaches.org or use the Contact form on the site.

We already know that there are hundreds of little black diamonds with ? in them. We’re working on fixing that. But you don’t have to tell us.  UNLESS you know how to fix them all at once… in hundreds of posts where they mean different things in context.

And if you know something about WordPress blogs and you’re willing to help with this vetting process, please let us know. Please use the Contact form.

Thanks for your patience in this long and tedious process.