Successful Maiden Cruise

The Membership Services Committee invited new members to a one hour teleclass on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011. The class was entitled, The World According to the ACO. We had the pleasure of hosting six new members aboard our maiden cruise liner.

  • Ose Schwab initiated the journey by inviting the passengers to “Imagine yourselves standing at the helm of a boat pulling on the rope to that anchor alongside other ACO members. You are pulling yourselves toward what ACO envisions this year and following years.” She then shared the vision of the ACO, that of ‘a world where ADHD coaches are known and highly prized, respected and sought after for their ability to help clients achieve goals and realize their full potential; a world where every person living with ADHD knows about coaching, and can easily find and work with an ADHD coach who is a perfect match for their needs.
  • Following the launch Membership Chair, Kay Axtell conducted a tour of the ACO website where members can access the many benefits and opportunities the ACO has to offer.
  • Viv Monahan, ACO 2011 Conference Co-chair, enticed members to attend the Chicago Conference, Call to Courage, which promises to inform, entertain and connect our members in a powerful and inspiring manner.

More Cruises to Come

Ose then suggested that members cast their eyes on the horizon where many new and exciting ACO projects can be seen in the mist:

  • In 2011, the ACO plans to move forward with implementation of an active research committee.
  • They also plan to reach beyond the borders of the U.S. and Canada, setting a tone that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries.
  • Membership Services plans to offer a cruise quarterly to new and renewing members.

Finally, Chuck Blocher invited all coaches to step forward and join the crew by sharing specific strengths, experiences and interests as we navigate the new and exciting waters in the world of the ACO.

Help us chart our course by participating in our next call. Look for information in our next cruise-related email.