By Christopher Mulhare, Membership Chair

This space is traditionally used to welcome new and returning members of the ACO and to acknowledge our growing international community of ADHD coaches and supporters.

This month I am also challenging you–and every member of the ACO–to bring more professionals who have any interaction with people with ADHD into our ACO circle. Expose more people to our sources and resources. Bring public awareness of the ACO as the “go to” place for finding ADHD coaches and what the organization can offer those with ADHD and the professionals who serve them. I’m hoping each of you will act as stewards for ADHD coaching, to bring us to the next level as we face the new year with joy for what we can offer the ADHD community through coaching.

In the mean time, please take a moment to personally reach out to introduce yourself and welcome our new members to the family.



Christopher Mulhare
ACO Membership Chair

Christopher Mulhare, CPC and Transformational ADHD Coach, lives in Brooklyn and primarily coaches teens with ADHD. Contact him by phone at 718-413-9779, via email at, or through his website: