Joyce Kubik, President

Welcome to 2015!! Did you make a Resolution or a Commitment?

The new year has always been a time to make resolutions. Unfortunately, many are broken in a matter of weeks. Perhaps the resolution was not realistic or the person who made that resolution was not ready to commit. In working with our clients, they have good intentions to make change, but it becomes difficult and they become discouraged.

After some time off and much holiday cheer, I was thinking of what my New Year’s resolution might be. I don’t typically make one because, just as our client’s do, I never stick to it and I become discouraged. So I thought I would change it up a bit and make a commitment. A commitment is defined as “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.” To be dedicated to a cause, a plan must be put into place, and planning is what coaches do well.

In brainstorming what I might commit to, I thought of several things:
I could prepare ahead for ADHD Awareness month in October instead of putting it off to the last minute. It’s a long-term plan that I can dedicate myself to, and I know that the ACO has a team that is eager to help me–and you–plan those steps.

I could also make a commitment to make ACO highly visible, so that all professions are aware of our services and how they can become a part of this great organization. After all, the ACO is committed to serve as a resource for the public on coaching and ADHD.

And then there is the commitment to our clients. I am committed to bringing out the best in my clients with practical and useful strategies. These strategies must include the steps needed to achieve their long or short-term goals – something they are committed to.

And as a coach I will attend the ACO conference as I am committed to my profession and learning all that I can from experts around the world. This year’s conference will introduce you to many new experts in related fields to ADHD.

If you have a commitment you’d like to share, please do so on the listserv or Facebook. Your fellow coaches can help you stay accountable to yourself.

Until next time, happy New Year to all of you . . .

Joyce Kubik - PresidentJoyce Kubik
Certified Master Coach
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