Getting Connected at the Conference

by Jeff Copper

The 2010 ADHD Coaches Organizational (ACO) conference was a special event for me. The theme of this year’s conference was to get connected and that’s exactly what I did. While I enjoyed presenting and attending other presentations what was most powerful for me was the individual conversations with a variety of coaches whom I had known, known of and met for the first time.

So much of my experience as a coach is one of isolation. Sitting in my office and coaching over the phone. What I long for is interaction and insightful discussions with other coaches. This year’s conference help fill that void for me.

Connect with Live Interviews

As a final thought I’d like to thank the ACO for supporting Attention Talk Radio and for allowing me to do live broadcasts from the event complete with individual interviews. Their support added to my experience as it provided a forum for me to get connected with those with whom I never met just by asking them to share their experience at the conference.

To learn more or to hear others comments at the event go to this link and listen to our live interview archives.