What’s the Big Deal About Awareness?

Maureen Nolan, Editor

This month, I’ll share a client story to highlight why we promote ADHD Awareness. It’s necessary to raise awareness and keep it in the forefront of our work. But it’s not always obvious why.

Yesterday, a 31 year old new client was angry that her ADHD was not diagnosed earlier in her life. What is now so obvious to her was invisible to her father and step-mother. It is irrelevant that the knowledge of ADHD was unknown to her family when she has suffered for so long. It is obvious she was abused due to family ignorance of ADHD and it is irrelevant that they didn’t know. Why didn’t they know? In the United States, ignorance of the law makes no excuse when you’ve broken a law. Why is behavioral ignorance OK? She is not alone suffering abuse at the hands of family for ADHD behaviors.

Ignorance of ADHD can hurt. This is why we promote ADHD Awareness.

In support of ADHD Awareness Week I hosted an Education Radio Spot on America’s Web Radio, interviewing a friend and colleague and mentor Dr. Joan Teach. We had an hour to talk about the 7 Facts about ADHD written by the ACO Awareness Committee member and former ACO President, Sarah Wright. During the session, we shared some of our personal stories of life with ADHD, laughing and sometimes emotionally remembering some of the tragedies, too.

Please use my ADHD Awareness interview in your promotional materials to promote ADHD education, awareness and compassion. Acknowledgement is given to America’s Web Radio, with permission of Maureen Nolan, ACC and Dr. Joan Teach.
With passion and a sense of urgency,
Maureen Nolan