Actually, my bedside table is bare as I’m ‘staging’ my home for sale. It’s never looked so good (under renovation for the last five years) yet never had so little of my comforting and stimulating piles. Before being put on the market, I had some books on my table with very short titles that I devoured: Drive by Daniel Pink and Play by Stuart Brown, M.D..

I read Pink’s A Whole New Mind last year so I was thrilled to come upon Drive. The short premise is that what we think motivates people is not what really motivates them at all. Don’t come up with a gimmick or dangle an apple if you want creative output – it just doesn’t compel people the way we’ve come to believe it does. This myth debunking caused me to wonder about coaching and how we dangle carrots for our clients to go for.

The other book, Play, was less of a surprise as its premise is that to learn is to play and to play is to learn. You’ll see me playing on a seesaw at an art opening at a nearby women’s college in Decatur. I was driven to attend the event because it was a cold winter’s night and I’d been inside too long. If I had been told I would play on a seesaw that night, I might have stayed inside. It was too ridiculous an idea.

Now, I recommend that we all play more. It was hysterically funny for no reason at all. I learned once again that what I did in kindergarten really was funner than I remembered.

I look forward to some play time at the ACO conference, too.

See you there.

Maureen Nolan


I came alive playing