Editors, Publishers, Writers in Teamwork

Standards of Practice

Editorship of Circle is an opportunity to touch on the business and personal lives of the ACO members by highlighting what is old and new in ways that encourage readers to stop and link to material that is inspiring. There is technical skill involved in occasional editing of a writers’ work and monthly techie skills involved in preparing each article to look valuable at a glance. Also, it’s a unique way to share personal thoughts and experiences about coaching. If each of us performs our job well we’re out on time and still talking to each other.

Invisible but Invaluable

Working behind the Circle scene is always Kerch McConlogue, former and first Circle editor whom I refer to as my publisher. Kerch continues to make a difference in what you read and why you think you want to read it. At the last CHADD meeting in Atlanta, an ACO member remarked, ‘has anyone seen Kerch lately? I miss seeing her.’ Let me assure you Kerch is visible in every issue of Circle and on every page of the ACO web site you’ll find her hand print. Kerch’s voluminous guidance and creativity inspires some aspect of everything you read.

Someone New and New Positions

New to Circle in 2011 is Rhonda Pawlan, an ADD Coach in the Chicago area. Rhonda will work to develop new relationships with old and new authors while assisting with the article edits. Please welcome Rhonda to the Circle volunteer staff.

Circle continues to hold a space for an international editor, someone with knowledge, contacts and a gift of communication to develop ACO’s presence in the world. This position will be shaped in part by the person’s own character and interests and I look forward to publishing internationally-relevant ADD Coach material through this new position. If you or someone you know sounds qualified please get in touch with me at editor@www.adhdcoaches.org.

Wishing you Happy New 2011.

Be in touch,

Maureen Nolan