Walk the Walk with ACO

Hello ACO,

Robb Garrett, ACO President

My thoughts are a-whirl coming out of our annual ACO conference:

  • What will I do to keep and use the messages of value from the 2011 conference?
  • How will I implement these great strategies for building my practice?
  • What will I implement for myself from my take-aways?
  • How was I called to courage as an ADHD coach?

I encourage you to join me and to take your coaching to a new level, including obtaining your own personal and business coach. It is the isolation of our profession that in part, encourages me to promote excellent professional support.

In my practice, I have realized there are many folks ready to help support my success. My plan is to assemble more people to help me expand my practice further.

  • Do you have your own coach?
  • Virtual Assistant?
  • Accountant?
  • Tech Support?
  • A Visionary/Mentor to dream with?

I wonder, what you will do to implement that which you learned from the conference? Our own membership notes an excellent pool of coaches from which to choose for your personal needs. Have you considered contacting any one of them?

I would love to hear your stories: how were you called to courage and what you are doing about this calling? Drop me a line at president@adhdcoaches.com so I can hear about your success.

Robb Garrett