The ACO is growing faster than it’s ever grown before!

Together we are StrongWe now have over 200 professional members and half again as many associate members. The ACO is nationally and internationally active! Our growing membership reflects the growing interest and acceptance of ADHD Coaching worldwide.

Why is this happening now? Well, the evidence is accumulating that coaching is a key part of living well with ADHD. As Ari Tuckman wrote in his book Integrative Treatment of Adult ADHD, “[Coaching] is the part that was missing from many of these client’s former therapies.” Also, check out Russell Barkley’s research on executive function, which also points to coaching as an important part of any plan for living well with ADHD. So this growth of the ACO reflects both the growing awareness of and interest in ADHD Coaching, and it is a great thing for the ADHD community we serve.

With growth, of, course, the demographics of our membership have changed. For example, in the early years, 75% of our members had trained either at the ADD Coach Academy, the Optimal Functioning Institute, or the Coach Training Institute. This is no longer true.

As we begin our 8th year as the professional association for ADHD Coaches, the ACO wants to find out who we are now. Who are we in terms of gender, age, and geography? What training have we had? How do we work? Who do we work with? What other demographics describe us?

To answer these questions, the ACO is conducting an online survey of members this month. We hope to have 100% participation, and to encourage you to take those few minutes to complete the online survey, we’re putting everyone who completes the survey into a drawing to win one year-long membership to the ACO. So, take the survey now and don’t miss that opportunity to win and save big!

Once the results are available, we’ll share them with you. It should be an interesting read.

Sarah D. Wright
ACO President

Sarah D. Wright
ACO Interim President