Whether you’re a person who is freaked out by the idea of reading a research study, or you’re an experienced researcher, or even if you are somewhere in-between, read on!

This fall, ACO will be offering an exciting three session teleclass, titled:

You Mean THAT’S What It Says?
Reading Research to Apply Findings in Coaching Practice – Made Easy!

Why Should I Consider This Class?

  • You’ll become familiar with research literature relevant to ADHD Coaching by discussing a published article each class.
  • We’ll de-mystify research by learning something about research methodology related to the study focused on for each class.
  • We’ll practice and develop the skills of critically reading research articles in order to identify application of research to the coaching core competencies.
  • You’ll consider and discuss how to incorporate research content into ADHD coaching practice, including identification of relevant information, strategies, coaching questions, and relevant direct communication.
  • You’ll develop a more evidence-based practice and bolster professionalism in the field.
  • You’ll also enjoy the stimulation of interacting with other coaches about research pertinent to your coaching practice!

How Will the Class Work?

  • The class series will consist of 3 sessions, 90 minutes each, once each month for three months.
  • Each session will address a specific, separate, journal article (total of three articles for the three-class series).
  • Participants will be notified in advance about the specific journal article to read before each session begins. You will be given an outline to use to help focus the reading in each section of a research article.
  • Articles for the class will be chosen from Journal of Attention Disorders; ADHD Report; the International Journal of Evidence-based Coaching and Mentoring; or another publicly available source, so that ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) members, the most likely to be interested in this offering, will have easy access to the articles.
  • Each class session will include some instruction on an aspect of that particular study’s research methodology, followed by a good deal of time for fertile discussion.

What are the Details?

  • Dates: Tuesday October 7, November 4, and December 2
  • Time: 12 noon, Eastern US time
  • Fee:
    • Before September 1st: $120 (ACO members)/$150 non-members
    • September 1st and after: $150 (members)/$200 non-members
  • CCEUs:
    • 4.5 ICF Core Competency CCEs
    • 4.5 PAAC Core Competency CCEUs

About the Instructor:

  • Elizabeth (Liz) Ahmann, ScD, RN, ACC is an experienced coach working primarily with clients having ADHD and has a master’s degree in nursing and a research-focused doctorate in public health from Johns Hopkins.
  • Liz is an experienced presenter of continuing education for nurses and coaches. In fact, she presented sessions on research and coaching at the 2013 International CHADD Conference and the 2014 ADHD Coaching Organization (ACO) Conference.
  • Liz is a member of ADHD Coaches Organization and its Research Committee and has contributed research-related articles to Circle.
  • She has experience translating research into practice applications and loves de-mystifying research so it is more useful in practice!

Why Should I Sign up Now?

  • The class is limited to 15 participants (minimum of 6).
  • You’ll earn 4.5 ICF and PAAC continuing ed credits.
  • Costs for the class go up September 1st
  • Most importantly, you’ll:
    1. Learn more about the research process.
    2. Discuss findings of relevant research studies.
    3. Identify links between the findings and coaching competencies.
    4. Consider applications of each study to the competencies in practice.

Any questions?
Send an email with RESEARCH CLASS in the subject line to the instructor, Liz Ahmann, at lizahmann@gmail.com