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The ADHD Coaches Organization is the worldwide professional membership organization for ADHD coaches, and we are committed to serving as a resource for ADHD coaches, for our members, and for the public.

ADHD Coaching is a collaborative, supportive, goal-oriented process in which the coach and the client work together to identify the client’s goals and then develop the self-awareness, systems, skills, and strategies necessary for the client to achieve those goals and full potential.

Are you looking for an ADHD Coach?

If you are an individual with ADHD or a parent or caregiver for someone with ADHD, you can learn more about ADHD coaching, and you find an ADHD coach by searching our directory of ADHD coaches.

Are you an ADHD Coach?

If you are a coach and want to learn more about what we offer our members, you can read about our membership benefits or learn more about the ADHD Coaches Organization


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