Board of Directors

 David Rickabaugh - President, Website & Technology Chair

David Rickabaugh Email President

David Rickabaugh, MScCoachPsych, is an executive coach and founder of Leading with ADHD (, a coaching practice dedicated to helping adult leaders and professionals with ADHD identify and leverage their unique superpowers – and manage their challenges – so that they can achieve the personal satisfaction and professional success they desire. David is experienced leader with 30 years of business experience, and he was diagnosed with ADHD himself in his 50s. He leverages his education in coaching psychology to work with clients using a positive, strengths-based and evidence-based approach. David holds an MSc in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney.

"As Website and Technology chair, my goal is to continue to develop and maintain a website and other technology to support the ACO Vision, Mission, and Values and to meet the needs of our membership and those members of the public searching for an ADHD coach."  - David Rickabaugh

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Katherine Jahnke – Secretary


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Katherine’s coach training started with Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2008 and then she sharpened her education as an ADHD coach with advanced ADHD coach training at ADD Coaching Academy in 2014. She has also trained with Jodi Sleeper-Triplett on “Coaching Teens and College Students” in 2011 and Group Coaching training with Laurie Dupar in 2015. She has completed 400+ hours in CCEUs in ADHD coaching.

Katherine has been a member of the International ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) since 2006 and served on the ACO Board from 2008 to 2016.  She was also the Co-Chairman of the International ACO conference in Phoenix Arizona 2014.

Katherine’s other interests include starting and running the first CHADD support groups for both parents of children with ADHD and Adults with ADHD. She also served as a Parent Partner Advocate and a Certified Parent to Parent trainer in 2005.

Katherine has previous working experience in fundraising businesses such as the 12th Man Foundation and the St. Joseph foundation as well as time working in the Petroleum industry. She attended Southwest Texas State University and received an associate degree from North Harris County College. She is still an avid learner and takes courses at the local community college.

“I’m so very excited and privileged once again to be serving on the ACO Board. The Marketing group has been such a dynamic part of the mission of the ACO and my goal as Marketing Chair is to continue their great work in promoting our fabulous organization.” --Katherine Jahnke

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Peter Gross – Treasurer

Peter Gross HeadshotEmail Treasurer

Peter Gross is an ADHD Coach working with adults in mid-life. After a diagnosis at 48 years old and a subsequent mid-life crisis, made harder by ADHD, Peter’s career focus shifted to include ADHD coaching. He passionately believes that anyone with ADHD can change their lives - if they learn about ADHD and their own version of it, and are provided with a safe space to be curious, to experiment and to find solutions that work for them.

Peter was certified in coaching by the NeuroLeadership Institute’s Brain-Based Coaching program in 2020, completed a CoachApproach course on coaching adults with ADHD in 2021, and is pursuing advanced certification in ADHD coaching with ADDCA.  In addition to coaching,  Peter brings more than 30 years of experience working in and for nonprofit organizations across all areas of nonprofit operations, technology, fundraising, membership, and many others.

“ACO is an incredible organization and I am honored to be a part of the Board. My goal, as Treasurer, is to bring my nonprofit management and ADHD experience to support the staff and board in strengthening and growing the organization.”  –Peter Gross

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Lisa Alecci - At-Large Board Member

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Lisa Alecci, CALC, ACC, is a certified ADHD coach. She is also credentialed by the International Coach Federation. As the Founder and Owner of ADHD Freedom, LLC (, she has been coaching for five years and has empowered hundreds of smart, passionate professionals to develop creative ways to manage their ADHD successfully and lead confident, productive, and happy lives.A seasoned professional, Lisa held positions at every level in the corporate healthcare world, from the front line to the C-Suite, for over three decades before opening her own coaching practice. She has been a dedicated member of the ADHD Coaching Organization for over four years. Lisa now serves as the Chair of the Coaching Enrichment Committee, where she combines her business acumen with her coaching experience to provide valuable professional development webinars for the ACO coaching community.

Lisa is honored to be on the Board of Directors of the ACO. She dedicates herself to its mission of supporting high professional and ethical standards for the coaching profession, helping to raise the visibility of ADHD coaches throughout the world, and providing up-to-date resources to its members.

A Colorado native, Lisa bases her business out of Denver, where she enjoys hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains. She is married and the mother of three strong young women, who are her pride and joy.

Adela Baker – Communications Chair

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Adela Baker, PCAC, founded Mind Coach NOLA in 2016. Based in New Orleans, but working with clients around the world, she is a full-time ADHD coach, full-time mom, and full-time adventurer. She coaches location independent professionals and entrepreneurs, expats, and global minds. Adela provides coaching both in dynamic group settings and in one on one sessions. Her mission is to empower people affected by ADHD to become more independent, confident, and resilient. Her vision is a world where everyone can focus on their dreams.

Adela is a popular speaker and workshop facilitator in Louisiana organizations and schools, and recognized nationwide for her contributions to the coaching community. She graduated from Tufts University with dual degrees in French and Spanish, lived abroad for ten years, and is fluent in five languages. She brings decades of experience in international corporate training and higher education to the realm of ADHD coaching. Due to her years of working with turbo thinkers around the world, she understands what they need to succeed professionally, while maintaining balance and defining their own happiness. In addition to ACO, she is an active volunteer for PAAC, CHADD and ADDA.

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 Lauren Gladstone - At-Large Board Member

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Born in Cincinnati and Educated at The Ohio State University, I have immersed myself into a passionate career of leadership and education. After receiving degrees in psychology, education and earning a teaching credential, I decided that if I was going to teach others, I was also going to learn! So I spent 11 years in San Diego pursuing personal interest such as photography and surfing while developing skills as a special educator and an entrepreneur.

After graduating from the Mentorcoach program, I earned my Professional Coaching Certificate as well as my CACP, Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner by the PAAC.. My strong passion for ADHD and coaching come through when public speaking, and through my connection with my clients. Currently, I live in New York City where I keep stimulated by friends, my wife and my desire to grow.

“I am both excited and honored to be the ACO Membership Chair. It is of great importance for the members of this community to have representation and to understand their perspective and professional goals. I intend to grow our resources, strengthen our community and provide opportunities for development.” – Evan Kirstein

 Jill Linkoff – Volunteer Chair

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Jill Linkoff is a respected Professional Certified Coach, and Parent Coach/Teacher Trainer, specializing in working with professionals, entrepreneurs, college students, and parents with ADHD and executive dysfunction. Extensive and ongoing educational training cultivates Jill's expertise as an ADHD/Executive Function Coach. She integrates current research to explain the complexities of ADHD and executive function challenges in simple language clients will understand.

Jill combines the International Coach Federation core competencies with 23-years of account management experience with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, creating a professional, supportive, non-judgmental coaching environment. Whether coaching one-on-one with a client or teaching a parenting class, each session is strategically designed to excel clients towards successful and sustainable results.

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Kristine Shiverick – Programs Chair

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Kristine Shiverick, M.Ed., ACG, CACP, received her undergraduate degree in Special Education from Simmons College and her M.Ed., from George Mason University.  Kristine believes that every person has the ability to succeed and achieve the life they want to live.  She is passionate about helping her clients understand their uniquely wired brains and focus on the areas of their lives where they would like to make changes. Kristine helps her clients to see possibilities more clearly, as they learn to create their own recipe for success. Kristine coaches students, parents and adults using a strengths based approach.

Kristine received her Basic, Advanced, and Family ADHD Coach Training through the ADD Coach Academy.  She has received her Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner (CACP) certification through the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches.

 “My goal as Programs Chair is to provide on-going learning opportunities and continue to develop a learning community for ACO members to grow both personally and professionally. It is my hope that the programs that ACO offers will help support all of our members, regardless of coaching experience. It is my belief that together we are stronger.” – Kristine Shiverick

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Brittany Smith – Marketing Chair

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 Brittany is an experienced Productivity, ADHD, and Technology Coach. Her primary mission is to help people work better, with a very practical, boots-on-the-ground style of ADHD coaching.

Since the start of 2015 she has been helping people identify *why* stuff isn't getting done, what to do about it, and start taking individualized, realistic actions to get those things done, keeping their individual ADHD in mind. Brittany has a Masters Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, and a special interest in cognitive subjects like working memory, intelligence, and attention failures. Brittany specializes in technology and is passionate about the intersection of our brains and Technology. Although she is Apple first, Brittany is pretty good at picking up most systems and programs.

Brittany is also cofounder of The ADHD Guild, a community of nerdy folks with ADHD trying to get more done and work with our brains better. The ADHD Guild includes Discord chat for support, accountability, shared resources and community, Coworking (body doubling), ADHD Education, and an option for ADHD group coaching with a spectacularly warm group of folks with ADHD!

In addition to coaching, Brittany loves speaking and creating videos and courses about ADHD, practical iPhone use guides, and other things that strike her fancy. 

Sudhita Kasturi – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair

Email DEI Chair

Sudhita Kasturi has been an entrepreneur, program manager, and educator, and is now a Certified ADHD coach. As the founder and owner of Leverage Your ADHD, Sudhita uses a strength-based approach to partner with her clients to navigate the challenges of ADHD and leverage its positive attributes to design a happy and fulfilling life. 

 Sudhita received her title as a Certified ADHD Life Coach from the International ADHD Coach Training Center and has since dedicated herself to ADHD awareness. Her passion for ADHD coaching has also led to various speaking engagements and volunteer positions within the community, including involvement with the ACO. She also serves as one of the facilitators for the Attention Deficit Disorder Association’s (ADDA) South Asians + ADHD Virtual Peer Support Group. As Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair, she hopes to raise greater awareness of ADHD coaching as a representative of the South Asian community. 

Debbie Tracht – At-Large Board Member

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Debbie is an ADHD coach whose practice focuses on adults and college students.  She enjoys helping people with executive function challenges find ways to manage their professional and personal lives/work. She is gratified by her work with college students with ADHD, watching them grow and, in many cases, experience independence for the first time. Debbie believes that there are infinite paths to success and encourages her clients to explore their unique strengths, interests, and possibilities for growth.

Debbie is passionate about educating professionals for whom an understanding of  ADHD is critical, such as educators, administrators and health professionals. To that end, she taught a course for several years in ADHD, Executive Function and Literacy at Castleton State University and provides workshops to health professionals and educators. In addition to her individual coaching practice, Debbie co-leads a weekly online support group for women with ADHD through the Baltimore CHADD chapter. 

Debbie has a BA in psychology, a MA in Reading, and a Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain & and Teaching. She received ADHD Coach training at JST Coaching and Fast Track Coaching.

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Dr. Tamara Rosier – Past President

TamaraRosierEmail Past President

Dr. Tamara Rosier has been a college administrator, a professor, a leadership consultant, a high school teacher, a national public speaker, and an ADHD coach. She received her Ph.D. in Teaching, Learning and Leadership. While in higher education, she taught courses in educational psychology, worked with other professor’s to develop their teaching, and researched topics in the areas of metacognition, cognitive dissonance, social intelligence. As founder of the ADHD Center of West Michigan, she leads a team that works with individuals as they enhance interpersonal effectiveness, increase social intelligence, capitalize strengths, and bridge performance gaps.

She applies her experience in higher education and coaching to her position the ACO board.  As president, she has three main goals: 1. To support business and professional growth of ACO; 2. To create greater awareness of ADHD coaching professional in the public arena; 3. To continue to support high professionalism of ADHD Coaches.

“I want ADHD coaches to love this organization — to feel like they belong to this community, to get meaningful business and professional support, to share their wisdom with one another, and to enjoy the camaraderie.” – Tamara Rosier, PhD

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