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Member Benefits

As a member of the ADHD Coaches Organization, you will enjoy access to the following benefits:

  • Directory Listing: A listing in the ACO Directory of ADHD Coaches, the largest directory of vetted ADHD coaches available anywhere. The directory is available to the public and searchable by name, niche, state/province, country, key words, and several other options.  ACO members who are a trained coach with professional experience working with ADHD clients and who have had ADHD-specific training or education are eligible to be listed in the directory. See listing requirements.
  • Coach Community Forums: Our very popular members-only forums where members can talk shop, ask for referrals, and tap into the collective experience and knowledge of their fellow members.
  • Case Collaborations: Free access to monthly ACO Case Collaborations.  This networking opportunity meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month and collaborates on ADHD coaching approaches for different challenges and themes.  Attendees earn 1 ICF CCEU. 
  • Conference Discount: Reduced rates for the Annual International Conference on ADHD, including the ADHD Professional Institute that precedes it.
  • Free Access: 
    • Unlimited online access to the Journal of Attention Disorders, a first rate peer-reviewed journal on our topic (this alone is worth your entire membership dues!)
    • Unlimited online access to Dr. Russell Barkley’s The ADHD Report (this too is worth almost as much as your membership dues!).

Participate to Advance Your Career

Members are also invited to advance their careers and the values and mission of their professional organization through participation in any of the ACO’s committees and outreach programs. Contact the ACO for more information about:

  • Leadership Team
  • Membership Services
  • Conference
  • Programs
  • Newsletter
  • Research on ADHD Coaching
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Local and National ADHD Awareness Efforts

What our Members are Saying

“If you are an ADHD coach, you NEED to be part of this professional community. ACO provides vital information and connection.”

“The ACO is the best place to connect with fellow coaches. I also get 95% of my clients through the ACO find a coach tool.”

“ACO is the only professional association membership I have (or had) that has resulted in actual client inquiries and conversions to actual clients. Best marketing I've experienced.”

“Connection with other coaches through the forum is so helpful to belong to a group of coaches focused on ADHD.”

"I'm loving the resources and connections I am making… I plan to join the new coach training next week and will schedule some of the group sessions soon too!  It's really making a positive impact in my coaching business and its reach to help others!!”

Membership Requirements 

Who may be a Member of the ACO?

The ACO is an inclusive and diverse group of ADHD professionals. Anyone who is interested in ADHD Coaching, may be a member of the ACO and enjoy all of the benefits of membership. 

In joining the ACO, all members agree to abide by the ACO’s Standards and Expectations for Members.

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We now have 2 options for membership with the same benefits for one year:

Please note that fees are non-refundable once paid per our Payment Policy.  

Signing up for membership is a four step process after clicking the button at the bottom of this page:

  1. Log in (if you have already registered on the site) or enter your email address at the bottom of the page to create an account.
  2. Provide your contact/business information.
  3. Process payment
  4. Receive confirmation email.  Once received, all membership benefits and website content will be available to you.
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